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CIRKUS program of the association STORM is focused on primary prevention of social-pathological phenomena by children and youth. It works on the principles of low-threshold and Harm Reduction philosophy (reduction of risk/damage).

CIRKUS program provides ambulatory service (low-threshold club) and outreach (social street work in housing estate) work mainly for the housing estate youth in Nitra.

Offers a safe alternative to the street. Give the youth an opportunity to explore new ways of spending free time, other values, ways of communication and solving problems. The workers contact the target group through leisure activities. Through positive experience, encouraging and by appreciating lead the clients to independence, responsibility and self-confidence.

CIRKUS program inform clients and give them accompaniment, helps them by dealing with critical situations and stress, helps them by increasing their participation and also help them by to developing their social skills and involve the community and social surroundings to the preventive social programs.

Target and tasks of the CIRCUS program

  • Work with children and non-organized young people based on the low-threshold and Harm Reduction philosophy (reduction of risk/damage)
  • Provide quality social services
  • Znižovať sociálno – patologické javy páchané na cieľovej skupine a páchané ňou a tým zvyšovať bezpečie v meste (znižovať drobnú kriminalitu, vandalizmus, experimentovanie s drogami, sexuálne násilie, záškoláctvo).
  • Reduce social-pathological phenomena against the target group or violate on the target group and thereby increase the safety in the city (reduce a petty crime, vandalism, experimenting with drugs, sexual violence, truancy).
  • Help the clients to deal with crisis situation, increase their participation and develop the social skills.
  • Construe in cooperation with Community center the community and create a social network of housing estate Klokočina in the town Nitra and to cooperate with community of parents, organizations and social surroundings in preventive programs of different nature.
  • Cooperate with Association of low-threshold programs for children and youth.
  • Educate and retain workers of the program in the current areas and to provide the regular supervision.
  • To develop actions to activities this can help to publicity and popularization of low-threshold services.

Target groups of the CIRKUS program

  • The individuals and groups of children and youth in age of 11 to 22 years, who go through adverse social situation, they growing up in low stimulating environment with fewer opportunities.
  • professional and lay public

Provided services by the CIRKUS program

  • Social counseling: for children and youth, for family members of clients
  • Contact work
  • Free times activities (social and sports games, table football, artistic activities)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Situational intervention
  • Client distribution
  • Social assistance in social and other services necessary to stabilize and/or improve the client current situation (employment agencies, offices of labor, social affairs and family, courts etc.)
  • Organizing conferences, lectures, community events and interactive workshops and others.

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Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

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