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ECHO program of the Association STORM realize activities leading to public education and prevention. Mostly are realized regularly short-term activities. The activities shall take a place in Nitra, Trnava and Sereď.

Safe Valentine´s day – prevention of becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV / AIDS and others). The workers during evening hours in the second week of February visiting bars, pubs and trough leaflets distributed and complemented information about the venereal diseases to the public.

Community actions – focused on bringing together the residents of housing estate Klokočina realized mainly in summer in a form of summer picnics and sports days.

Chill out zone on the festivals - prevention on a smaller local festivals, where shall be offered information about the risk reduction in interactive way for the participants of the festival.

Mile for mother - is culture amusement afternoon for whole families. On the occasion of Mother´s day, the association STORM participates on this activity in cooperation with MC Klokanček in Nitra.

Town celebration of International children´s day – in participation with town Nitra and other organizations the workers of Association STORM prepares all kind of games activities for children by the occasions of celebrating the International children´s day.

Lecturing of human trafficking – on the occasion of the European day against human trafficking realizes the Association Storm for young people interactive lectures focused on theoretical basis and practical advices to the issue of human trafficking.

National conferences for professionals and lay public – organizing conferences on actual issues for the professional and lay public with the aim of approximation of current topics and linking the theory and practice of helping workers.

Candle march against HIV / AIDS associated with lectures – preventive and educational event realized on the occasion of the World Day of HIV / AIDS. It aims to express the participation with people which lives with HIV / AIDS and to inform the public about the HIV / AIDS problem. The lectures for public are realized interactive.

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Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

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