Charakteristika projektu, Krok vpred


KROK VPRED program of the Association STORM is based on the Harm Reduction and low-threshold philosophy and through social street work shall reduce the risk of drug using and working in the sex-business.

Program KROK VPRED effectively fill the gap between primary and tertiary care for the client. Contact workers work with active injection drug users and people who work in sex business without requiring them to quit with their risky behavior.

Social street work is realized in towns: Nitra, Sereď, Trnava and on the way to Zlaté Moravce.

The program KROK VPRED also implemented a project STROMík – magazine for clients, which in addition on the times, locations and service options also includes articles about health, drugs or law. Clients shall directly contribute with their creating – poems, drawings, articles, stories. Alternatively they can participate on the selection of the topics for future issue of the magazine. In addition of professional articles the magazine also includes Sudoku, jokes, and other free time and fun elements.

Target and tasks of the KROK VPRED program

  • To contribute to reducing of health and social risk resulting from intravenous drug using by the urban population in Nitra, Sereď, Trnava and by people presented in the given locations via street social work.
  • Contacting and giving advising and to perform other services to people which work in sex business in towns especially in Sereď, Trnava and on the way to Zlaté Moravce
  • Reducing the number of re-used and shared of syringes through the distribution of sterile syringes and other medical supplies and hereby limiting the risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases (hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, and others) between the users.
  • Reduce the risk of accidental transmission of blood-borne diseases on the majority population by collection and safe disposal of syringes.
  • Increase the motivation of clients to improve their life situation through counseling.
  • To help clients to improve their quality of life through social assistance (escorting the client to the doctor, to offices etc.).
  • Minimize the number of unprotected sex among drug users and people which work in street sex business and thereby reduce the risk of transmission of sexual and sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV / AIDS and other) among clients of the program as well as from the clients of the program to the majority population.
  • Instructed new contact workers in the work team so that would be personally secured continual work on the streets, provide vaccination for these workers.
  • Increase the skills and motivation of the contact workers by regularly education, self-studying and supervising.

Target groups of KROK VPRED program:

  • injecting drug users
  • people who works in street sex business
  • professional and lay public

Provided services by the KROK VPRED program

  • The exchange service and distribution of material required for safer drug using and elimination of risky behavior
  • Contact work
  • Consulting in social, health and legal area
  • Basic (non-invasive) medical treatment
  • Information service
  • Motivation talks
  • Crisis intervention
  • Situational intervention
  • Social assistance

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Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

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