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STEREO program of the Association STORM is devoted to primary prevention in primary and secondary schools through interactive work group and through applying the philosophy of Harm Reduction (reduction of risk/ damage).

The association workers bring to school information and new knowledge. These are related to fabric, non-substance addictions and associated topics affecting problems not only the young people but also the society (venereal deceases, human trafficking, bullying etc.). With its intervention tried the Association to correct the wrong information and remove myths that are constantly represent by the part of students, but also teachers. Every preventive meeting has a specific structure. The staff follows a prepared manual containing the summary of the activities of the individual topics. Activities are modified according to the needs of pupils in the class. The preventive meeting has a range of two lessons (90 minutes).

The prevention activity in schools is performed by trained pair of workers and is still performed in one class with a maximum of 20 pupils. The Pupils have the opportunity in a case of their interest to contact the workers for individual case or counselling.

The school has an opportunity to choose from fifteen themes. The program includes opening and closing meeting.

Target and tasks of the STEREO program

  • Have a preventive effect on primary and secondary schools students and participate in the search for alternatives to solve problems and right decisions.
  • Work with the students of primary and secondary schools through group work by interactive way in the form of Harm Reduction philosophy (reduction of risk/damage).
  • Remove myths, stereotypes while offering truthful information.
  • Enable the students to create their own view and opinion necessary to prevent addiction and risky behavior.
  • Create a safe, supportive space for realization of preventive activities by group working and accepting attitude.

The target groups of the STEREO program

  • the students and pupils of the primary and secondary schools
  • professional and lay public

Themes of the meeting

  1. Opening meeting
  2. Alcohol
  3. Cigarettes
  4. Pseudo Drugs
  5. Hallucinogens
  6. Stimulants
  7. Depressants
  8. Secure Internet
  9. Gambling, computer games
  10. HIV/AIDS
  11. Human trafficking
  12. Graffiti
  13. Bullying
  14. Sexual orientation
  15. Gender education
  16. Development of emotion
  17. Final summarizing meeting

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Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

Združenie STORM je členom Platformy MVO v oblasti drog

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